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Welcome to Evergreen Wellness Center

Your Acupuncturist in Atwater Village

Proudly Serving Glendale, Burbank, Silver Lake, Pasadena, South Pasadena, Eagle Rock, Mount Washington, Hollywood, Los Feliz & the Surrounding Areas

Our Mission Statement:


Our Mission Defined: Transforming Health Exponentially

At Evergreen Wellness Center, in Atwater Village we focus on acupuncture as a mechanism to help our patients live pain-free, fully present lifestyles. Our first location proudly serves Atwater Village, Glendale, Burbank, Silver Lake, Pasadena, South Pasadena, Eagle Rock, Mount Washington, Hollywood, Los Feliz and the surrounding areas. We work hard to make each of our patients feel comfortable and cared for during their time at our practice.

Acupuncture is the age old practice of inserting thin, painless needles into the body at certain points in order to treat a variety of conditions, as well as promote overall health and wellness. Originating in Eastern medicine, acupuncture is a custom herbal medicine that has proven to be safe, effective, and side effect free time and again, making it a treatment of choice for many individuals with acute and chronic health problems. The National Institute of Health (NIH) and the World Health Organization (WHO) have both recognized acupuncture as a viable treatment for many medical issues.

Treating Your Conditions & Pain With Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a natural medicine that can be used as a safe alternative treatment for many different issues, including:

Back pain
Depression and anxiety
High blood pressure
Addiction, including smoking cessation
Digestion problems
Male and female sexual dysfunction
Behavioral and sleep problems in children
Chronic pain, including pain caused by injuries

There are many more conditions to list and the scope of acupuncture's efficacy is broad enough that there are very few conditions for which patients cannot receive treatment or symptom relief for through acupuncture.

How Does Acupuncture Work?

Acupuncture uses the map of 381 "acupoints" on the body that the Chinese originally discovered centuries ago. These "acupoints" are found at specific major meridians of the body and the practice of acupuncture involves the stimulation of these points to promote energy and blood flow to the desired area. By stimulating a combination of different points, acupuncture helps utilize the body's natural resources to help it heal itself.

Unlike many other conventional treatments for chronic pain and other debilitating conditions, including dangerous medications and aggressive procedures, acupuncture has no side effects and works with your body, not against it. However, in many cases, medications and surgical intervention is required and the benefits outweigh the risks. In these cases, acupuncture can be done alongside your doctor's treatments to help you better manage your conditions.

Schedule Your Appointment for Glendale Acupuncture!

If you're considering having acupuncture in Glendale, contact your acupuncture specialists at Evergreen Wellness Center, Inc. At your appointment, you'll meet with our experienced acupuncturist who will take a complete medical history from you and develop a treatment plan with you aimed at meeting your wellness goals. Whether you're coming to us to help you stop smoking or you've been diagnosed with a debilitating disease and need help with chronic symptom management, we'll make you feel at home and relaxed in our spa-like atmosphere.

At Evergreen Wellness Center, Inc. we not only offer acupuncture, but we also offer cupping therapy and needling for patients who need additional services in order to maximize their health and wellness. Contact us today to book your appointment with our acupuncturists!

Meet Our Doctor

  • Dr.
    Joan Kim-Wagner

    Dr. Joan Kim-Wagner, L.Ac, Ph.D is a third generation acupuncturist whose family instilled in her the dictate to, “Help others with love and holistic guidance.”

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Reviews From our Satisfied Patients

  • "I originally went to Dr. Joan Kim-Wagner for chronic neck pain. I have to say I was quite skeptical, but also desperate to get relief and nothing else was working.She is extremely knowledgeable about the human body and has fixed every complaint I have brought to her attention. That was... Read more »"
  • "Joan Wagner is a wonderful experienced acupuncturist! She helps me with my Multiple Sclerosis- permanent disability. Thanks to Joan Wagner’s acupuncture, her loving, caring attitude, I don’t take MS steroids. It helps me to live a happy and healthy life. My Mother recently received a Foot Detox treatment at Joan’s... Read more » I originally went to Dr. Joan Kim-Wagner for chronic neck pain. I have to say I was quite skeptical, but also desperate to get relief and nothing else... Read more »"

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