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Surgery Prevention

Relief From Aches And Pains

Walking Again Without Help

Depression & Anxiety

I started acupuncture treatments at Evergreen 2 weeks ago. The treatments helped me with my Depression & Anxiety symptoms. I can handle stress better at my job. My energy levels started to increase. My fatigue levels started to decrease. So far I’m satisfied with my treatments. Thank you Joan Kim-Wagner.

-Ericka L

Chronic Neck Pain

I originally went to Dr. Joan Kim-Wagner for chronic neck pain. I have to say I was quite skeptical, but also desperate to get relief and nothing else was working.She is extremely knowledgeable about the human body and has fixed every complaint I have brought to her attention. That was over a year ago. Since then less than a few weeks into being treated 3 times a week I had gone from chronic pain taking 3 medications to minimal or no pain and occasionally one medication. She has also been managing my blood pressure for which I was taking 3 different medications, now down to two. The idea is to get off of all meds completely. My weight and physical condition has improved tremendously. I only visit once a week now. Some other services I have received;

FOOT DETOX has actually removed all of the heavy metals from my body after multiple treatments.

SPECIAL ACUPUNCTURE treatments with herbs have repaired a botched surgery to remove a cyst from my back. The pain is gone and it is healing rapidly

ACUPUNCTURE FACELIFT treatments designed for lifting the face and reducing or removing lines from my face have been amazing. I am now a believer and have recommended her to other friends and they have also experienced success. There is no price that can be put on wellness. I consider this to be an investment in a longer healthier life.


-Mike W

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