The Five Pillars of Health


The digestive system only works when the body’s bacterial diversity is in balance, but holistic medicine can bring back this equilibrium with ease. Our 2-step process can be simplistically explained with two main ideas: remove what is unneeded, and add back what is required for good digestion. Once we have completed this process, your detoxified body will heal and return your digestive system to normal and alleviate unwanted symptoms in the process. We start this test by first taking a stool sample to get a sense of the bacteria currently present in your digestive system, then we’ll introduce a mixture of herbal medicine and acupuncture treatments to help start restoring balance through careful detoxification and a technique of reintroducing powerful nutrients to your body.

Evergreen Wellness Partner and Wellness Director at East West Health, Cade Archibald, shares ways in which we can help our bodies detoxify naturally by eliminating processed and refined foods and even chemically-tainted fruits and vegetables. He also explains different nutrients and supplements you can take, such as activated charcoal, that can further enhance your body’s ability to eliminate toxins. This supports one of the main pillars of your health and works to make you feel better longer.


All of our bodies are different and, thus, require different nutrients and vitamins to maintain a balance within the body based on body type and lifestyle. With our micro-nutrient and food sensitivity testing we can determine what foods and vitamins will harmonize with your body in the best way possible. You’ll no longer have to be concerned about being over-fed and under-nourished, like the majority of US citizens.

Are you looking reduce inflammation in your body, reverse an auto-immune response, or maybe just lose a little weight? Evergreen Wellness Partner, Cade Archibald, Wellness Director at East West Health, explains how it’s sugar and not fat that makes us gain weight. Explore our weight loss services and holistic healing methods to learn more.



Hormones are often viewed as a bad thing, as they’re seemingly one of the most temperamental things in our bodies. However, for your body to function properly and make you feel healthy, you’ll need to harmonize with your hormones and help keep them regulated. Cortisol is a hormone that acts as the main focus when we apply acupuncture treatments and herbal medicinal techniques to target hormonal balance. It’s a commonly recognized hormone as it’s the most popular stress hormone and it’s also the most easily unbalanced hormone in a body. Every balancing attempt we pursue starts with cortisol as it affects your emotional stability, your body’s reaction to stress, and your issues with weight gain.

Establishing hormonal balance will make the other 5 pillars of health fall into place more easily, which is why it is such a crucial step in any acupuncture treatment series.


At Evergreen Wellness, we provide fitness and exercise instruction to help you target the areas of your health that you feel are lacking. Excessive, when done properly, can be a profoundly effective type of medicine and can help you manage your hormones and promotes better physical skills. Our acupuncture treatments and holistic medicinal approaches can help you design a more complete exercise plan to help you lose weight faster, sleep better and find balance in your health.


Brain health is known as the 5th, and final, pillar of your body’s health. Supporting good brain function and healthy thought patterns is something that is promoted by balance in the other four-pillars, but will need to be pursued in it’s own right as well. Through stress management techniques and other healthy practices for your mind, we can explore the best way to support you in your lifestyle via mind health objectives that target and strengthen the 5th pillar of health.

Wellness Curriculum

We believe that knowledge is power. The more you know, the better your existence will be. Our fun and informative individual or group classes are based on various subjects including adrenal fatigue, gastro-intestinal dysfunction, brain health, meditation and emotional well-being. We also discuss hormone imbalance, metabolism enhancement, and exercise theory. This can help you pursue the 5 pillars with more clarity and direction.

Lifestyle Upgrades

At Evergreen Wellness, we can help you enhance your health through lifestyle training, functional wellness and natural treatments. Making correct choices for your body is the most essential element in recovering from hormonal dysfunction, toxicity, being overweight, gastrointestinal disorders and a myriad of health problems. Our wellness approach targets your health needs that allow you to perform at an optimal level for life.

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