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Inside, you'll learn:

  1. Why Millions of hypothyroid patients will never get optimum results from hormone replacement alone. There are too many other factors that should be accounted for, and most of them are in your control.
  2. Why your thyroid replacement hormone dose continually goes u, et you continue o experience most of the same symptoms.
  3. Why the common argument between natural vs. synthetic hormone replacement is completely irrelevant for 90% of hypothyroid sufferers. (Hint: They are fighting the rong battle.)
  4. That 90-95% of low thyroid cases in the United State have an Autoimmune Diseas Called Hashimoto', which means the body’s very own immune system has began to ttack and destroy the thyroid gland.
  5. The reason why thyroid patients often continue to feel crummy even after their labs are "balanced" with thyroid hormone replacemen, natural or synthetic
  6. Why an effective management protocol will focus on and include immune system support.

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